In 1985, the All India Financial Institution led by IFCI Ltd. partnered with various Nationalized Banks and State Level Institutions of Delhi and Haryana to set-up a consulting organization named HARDICON Limited. The objective was to ensure growth of the SME sector by providing low-cost industrial consultancy solutions.

In the initial years, the locus of operations was confined to the states of Haryana and Delhi. Business exposure in these states paved way to establish HARDICON, a brand which has become synonymous with the operations and existence of Haryana Delhi Industrial Consultants Limited.

Opening-up of the Indian economy post 1991 enabled HARDICON to expand its boundaries beyond Haryana and Delhi. Now the whole country is our playing field, and Hardicon undertakes assignments nationwide.

With liberalization being the order of the day, HARDICON has expanded its target segments. Its portfolio of clients now includes large scale industrial sector enterprises as well as traditional SME sector clients.

Keeping with the dynamic business environment, Haryana Delhi Industrial Consultants Limited was renamed HARDICON Limited.