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PIET(Prisha Institute of Education & Technology) is bestowed for its quality of education.The motto of the institute is enlightening your path. That is bearing the torch of knowledge to sparkle and light up your career. We at PIET work with the aim to provide knowledge with the best education for the prospective career.
Today’s scenario is cherry picking.. only talent has the place in the field. We empower our students with best courses.. and proper training for these course has been provided. Since, we are running that is year 2010.

We train the amateurs with the degrees…degrees, like the light illuminating your path of success. We give proper training under the guidance of qualified and experienced staff.. and yes do give certifications ,diplomas and degrees for the co notated efforts done by the students. We PIET (APPROVED BY MANY RECOGONIZED UNIVERSITIES) gives an opportunity to flourish career in government sector also.

We assure the best of knowledge, by creating proper environment at the institute. Our assurance is distributive in the form of well qualified, expert staff, adequate infrastructure and better vicinity.

The best of the best: PIET is the approved STUDY CENTRE of the LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY-PUNJAB. We have joined hands with many other universities to impart education:

We are the authorized Study Centre of:

         Karnataka State Open University, (Karnataka)-CODE-KSOU/MEPL/314
         Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya.
         Manonmaniam Sundaranar University , Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu )
         NIILM University, Kaithal (Haryana)..
         Manav Bharti University, Solan - H.P.

Director's Message

In this climate of great economic change and competition there is a need for a bang up to date knowledge, which is accessible even to people who normally, avoid the subject and knowledge, which can really claim to be up to date, Successful people have flexible minds and recognized attitudes for what they are,adapted to conditions they obsolete when time changes, they don't doggedly hold on to attitudes developed to cope with the conditions of yesterday.

They grasp the nettle that we have moved on into another phase, and knew, more appropriate attitudes have to be formed or adopted attitudes are never right or wrong in absolute terms, only more or less appropriate. Increasingly, management and technological programs previously, by the state have acquired global importance, it requires increasing in management and technical awareness, indifferent field among the population, it is not only knowledge and skills, which must be quickly learned, Attitudes too must change.

Consequently, this real meanings and rationale underlying the obsolete and the newly fasten emerging management values, technical updating and arrangements. It is aimed at students and business people alike. Our programs combine highly researched curriculum integrated with industry relevant concepts and practices. PIET offers a unique blend of theoretical and cutting edge inputs to students making them technically all round professionals.

PIET Advantages

Prisha Institute of Education & Technology: For Open and Distance Education is committed to educate capable men and women to help them develop a high level of professional knowledge. The distance learning Management Programs will enable you to develop the knowledge, insight and skills which you need tomake you an effective manager.

Customized for career opportunities: The PIET program is rigorous and has the objective of preparing candidates for challenging careers. It will equip the candidates with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. The exposure will ensure that candidates are trained to the requirements of potential employers.

Integrated learning approach: The education methodology is specially designed to achieve the twin objective of providing students with deep conceptual insight as well as an understanding of the practical problems.

Comprehensive course material: We will provide complete study material. This study material will go a long way in consolidating the conceptual framework and practical application skills the candidates acquire in all the management & Technology Programs.

Value for time and money: The PIET's management and technology programs offer candidates value for time and money. Pursing a 2/3 years Management & Technology Program will be very expensive. The flexible approach of the short duration Management & Technology Programs provides immediate benefits to be appreciated soon.

The special advantage: The PIET's Fast Track Distance Learning Management & Technology programs allow candidates to remain in employment or to continue studying other courses as well, Unlike full-time programs, it does not disrupt the candidates career progression and earning power, most importantly, candidates are able to complete the Management & Technology Program at their own place and this will place them at a distinct advantage in the job market.